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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald racing from the flames. a southern california wildfire explodes in size threatening homes and a college campus. >> record heat yesterday going to be hot in spots again today. we'll tell you where coming up. >> and we're starting to see a few cars stacking up now approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. where your longest drives times are, we'll show you coming up. >> reporter: next stop san antonio. the golden state warriors win game 6 and are headed to the
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second round. we'll show you some game highlights and fan reaction. >> it's all good. good morning, everyone. it's friday, may 3. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00 6:01. breaking news from kyrgyzstan where a military plane crashed. there is no word on casualties. kyrgyzstan hosts a u.s. base that's used for military members flying into and out of afghanistan. it's also used for c-135 tanker planes that refuel warplanes in flight. it's not clear yet what kind of plane was involved in the crash. in southern california two massive wildfires are growing this morning. at least 2,000 homes are being threatened. we have some live pictures right now. this is the springs fire, the largest of the two fires burning in ventura county right now. here are the latest numbers. at least 10,000 acres have been burned, 25 homes have been
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damaged, more than 2,000 homes and structures are threatened. it reached the pacific coast highway, which was shut down twice yesterday. the fire only 10% contained. the fires are burning about 50 miles from los angeles. the fire in the jurupa valley destroyed a couple of homes there. cbs reporter edward lawrence has been keeping an eye on the latest developments throughout the night and he joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. the fire grew 2,000 acres overnight. as you said, 10,000 acres. only 10% contained. now that the sun is coming up, take a look at that hill. when we first arrived here about 6 hours ago, the fire was just at the top of the ridge. now you can see that it's pretty much burned the entire mountain there. there are 1,000 firefighters that were over there trying to contain that fire but they just were not able to do it overnight. the overnight hours brought little relief for firefighters battling the springs fire near
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camarillo, california. the blaze has burned thousands of acres and is still growing. >> just getting very close, the fire. >> we are just hoping everything will be okay. >> reporter: strong santa ana winds are pushing the flames, which have now crested a ridge and made its way down to california's famed pacific coast highway. >> we have the highway as a good natural fire break and obviously the pacific ocean so right now what we want people to do is to recognize the evacuation orders. >> reporter: thousands have been evacuated as firefighters set backfires hoping to control the burn, clear out brush and save home. >> trying to get this buffer in so that we have some defensible black here to stop the fire. can't come up and threaten these homes. >> reporter: a storage tank of tonguesic pesticides exploded when the fire overtook a farm. officials issued an air quality warning and evacuated. area. it took hazmat hours to bring the threat from the burning chemicals under control. california is giving firefighters at the camarillo command center a lot of manpower and resources to put out the fire and save homes. but this isn't the only wildfire raging in the state
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right now. >> now we're looking at the living room. >> reporter: at least two homes were destroyed in a blaze near banning, california, in riverside counted. that fire has been burning for two days and is at 40% containment. >> i think we may be looking at a significant fire season. >> reporter: officials say the lack of rain and snow this winter combined with an early appearance of those santa ana winds means it's likely to be a long season for firefighters. now, when the sun set, the fire crews grounded the planes for safety reasons. now that the sun has come up or is coming up any minute now, they will take off with the helicopters and tankers to hit that fire from the air. again, fire crews worked throughout the night trying to contain it into a box there. they were not able to do that. so they are going to try to hit it from the air hopefully before the winds pick up. live in camarillo, california, edward lawrence, back to you. >> you mentioned the wind. what is it like right now? >> the winds actually -- the
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breezes just now started. there is a red flag warning so the winds are supposed to be very gusty here today possibly into the 30-mile-per-hour range. one concern is the shift in winds. overnight the winds were blowing out towards the ocean in that direction. now you can see behind me the smoke is coming back this way so they are worried that that would push the fire back towards the populated area. >> not an easy firefight. edward lawrence live in ventura county thank you for the latest. >> live pictures there. boy, what a mess. that wind coming off the ocean means we're cooling down. tough news down there. >> hot in spots around the bay area. red flag warnings down in the bay area. weather improves for us. down in the valleys back up in the 80s and 90s. along the coastline we'll see the sea breeze kicking in. a cool 49 degrees along the coastline in pacifica. 58 in san francisco. 61 vallejo. 60 degrees in mountain view. high pressure showing signs of
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weakening but only slowly. hot away from the immediate coastline but eventually this low is going to drop back down into the bay area bringing with it some cooler air, clouds and maybe even a couple of sprinkles, too. looks like finally seeing relief at the coastline but still staying hot inland. yesterday we had some records up in the 80s and even the 90s today slightly cooler inland 929 in livermore not much cooling but in san francisco down about 13 degrees and sea breeze kicks in. about 75 and looks like much cooler over the weekend. more on the weekend forecast. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: things are quiet but some of our hot spots and some of our slower spots are beginning to back up. so let's go flying with our chopper 5 -- videogame version of chopper 5. you can see some slowing right there. it looks like from "a" street to loveridge. that's when we start to see things improve after that loveridge exit towards willow pass coming into concord. so typical stuff there and
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here, unfortunately, 26 minutes now coming out of the altamont pass out towards 680. slow-and-go reported from tracy coming from 205 all the way out now past vasco road. a quick node northbound 680 approaching scot-free road. there is an accident in fremont cleared to the right-hand shoulder. it's been an all-nighter for san jose firefighters. they are keeping an eye on a recycling plant that burned on east alma avenue last night. the place is full of bales of newspaper and cardboard. it caught fire about 6:00 yesterday afternoon and burned- out of control for almost four hours. no word yet on any cause and there were no injuries. it is 6:07 now. police and search dogs are looking for a missing teenager from danville. 15-year-old madeline who goes by the name maddie is considered at risk. last seen by her family as she left their home at 6:00 last night.
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she is about 5'5", 130 pounds, reddish brown hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing black skinny jeans and a black nirvana t-shirt. santa clara county authorities have released a woman accused of planting tainted bottles of juice at a south san jose starbucks. the prosecutors say ramineh behbehanian could still be charged. a fire department test determined the juice contained rubbing alcohol which could lead to an attempted murder charge. but the district attorney's office says formal tests are not complete. so for now, there's not enough evidence to legally detain the suspect any longer. >> that's just horrible. i mean, it scares me because what if they come -- she comes in here again and does it again? >> behbehanian was arrested monday night. police tracked her down by license plate number written down by a worker at the snell avenue starbucks. golden state warriors getting ready to face the spurs as they advance in the nba play- offs. >> the warriors are going to the second round! >> and there you go.
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they win. the denver nuggets got off to an early lead last night but the warriors went up by 18 in the second half before denver rallied. golden state hung on to win 92- 88 to take the series in six games. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the oracle arena. it's known as. >> reporter: cle because the screaming fans clad in yellow probably all in bed now, cate. >> reporter: they had a great night i'm sure. especially after that game. it was a sold-out crowd here at roracle arena as you called it. i'm sure that excitement will continue this morning because next stop is san antonio. [ yelling ] >> reporter: gold confetti filled the air at oracle arena. fans were besides themselves as they celebrated the win to move the warriors to the second round. warriors fans say they always kept the up the faith.
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>> the game is beautiful. i had no doubt about it. warriors all the way. what do you think? >> awesome. >> awesome. >> reporter: all eyes were on point guard steph curry. sure, he had 7 turnovers but in the 3rd quarter he finished with 22 points, four three- pointers, and coach jackson says he couldn't be prouder. >> with steph, you know, when we were down in that first half, i pulled him aside and said there's going to be a point in this game where you're going to take over because you're the best player on the floor and what will happen is everybody else will follow. and sure enough, that's exactly what took place. >> reporter: only eight nba teams have come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a best-of-seven post-season series. and to sweeten it even more, this is the first time in 22 years the bay area's only nba team will advance to the second round.
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back to you. >> we'll have more on the win coming up in a couple of moments. their second round series against the spurs starts monday night in san antonio. the spurs swept the lakers in four games. they have been resting for almost a week now. the warriors invited a special guest to last night's game and showed him on the scoreboard. there he is. the fans cheered on aaron hern, the sixth grader out of martinez wounded in the boston marathon bombings. he spent more than a week at children's hospital in boston and he and his family just returned home earlier this week from martinez. so we have some mighty good medicine right there. >> glad to see him doing well. 6:11. a gas [ indiscernible ] goes flying. >> the dramatic moments when her getaway driver panic. coming up. >> reporter: we are just a few minutes away from an historic flight. the first cross-country flight of an all solar powered airplane. we'll hear from the pilots next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. a robbery at a gas station in australia almost ended in disaster. a couple getting gas was acting a little suspicious so the attendant approached the car. the driver panic, took off, while the woman was still getting gas. the hose became caught between the woman's legs, throwing her into the air. the fuel went everywhere as you can see in this video. it did not ignite. the bandit got away and guess she got right back up and took off. >> she got up and got if the car and got the heck out of there. wow, lucky, lucky. 6 n 15 right now. solar-powered airplane just took off moments ago for its first-ever trip across the united states. >> missed it by that much. let's go live to moffett field where kpix 5 reporter anne makovec watched the whole thing. >> reporter: this plane is now
6:16 am
about 3.5 minutes into its flight. you can see it there that line on the horizon. that plane is on its way to phoenix right now. the first cross-country flight of an all solar-powered plane. this is the helicopter with the second pilot flying on the other side. there's only one pilot inside the plane that you can see there. it took off again just about four minutes ago from moffett field. it's called solar impulse. this is video of its take-off. it gets all its energy from 12,000 solar cells on those huge wings. the plane took a trip around the bay area yesterday. it took off for a 19 hour flight. it will go an average 35 miles an hour. this is the first leg of its journey set to end in new york sometime in july. now the plane was born in switzerland. and i asked one of the pilots why do this historic flight here in the u.s.?
6:17 am
>> we started in europe but it's important to be here for different reason, that's the country where aviation started. i think both of us have been inspired by what's happened here in aviation but also for all the technologies which have been developed. in some ways it's to pay tribute to all the pilots who have inspired us. >> reporter: the solar cells on those wings gather enough power during the day to power an 881- pound lithium battery that can go all night. now, the pilot that is in the plane right now is actually not your average pilot. he is used to flying hot air balloons and he has flown one around the world. he is known for that. he is also a psychologist. not a person that you normally expect to be making an historic flight. but then again, there's really nothing usual about this flight. it is set to land in phoenix tomorrow at 1 a.m. live in moffett field, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> a first in many ways.
6:18 am
thank you. the 3500-pound aircraft has 12,000 solar cells which of course convert sunlight into battery power. next stop, arizona. >> hopefully everyone on the road is keeping their eyes straight ahead and not up to the sky there to see this plane. >> i know. it's been great. it's been quiet this morning. we got if the door and it was super busy because we had a big traffic alert in lafayette but since then, everything is moving for the most part at top speeds. some backups on 4, 580 but the bay bridge the usual delays. they turned on the metering lights after 6:00 so now we are backing up to the 880 overcrossing. but again, this is just kind of the usual commuter traffic at this time of the morning trying to get into the city. san mateo bridge though we'll show you where things are moving nicely westbound 92, 15 minutes. so this camera is just past the toll plaza. as you can see, it continues to move well all the way out towards the high-rise. let's check our maps and other
6:19 am
live traffic cameras to the south bay now. even up 101 in san jose lighter than normal coming into san jose from south san jose. our milpitas cam near 880 and 237, silicon valley commuters, westbound so far still in the green in the clear. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." how hot are we going to get? let's ask lawrence, the expert. not as hot as yesterday but close in some spots. going to be hot inland again. we had lots of records yesterday. today probably not going to see that. outside, though, right now, how about the solar plane cruising out there? this is a day to fly a solar plane. you have plenty of sunshine outside and the winds fairly calm to start out the morning hours. but as we head throughout the days, the sea breeze likely to blow. and that is going to bring a change to our weather. around the bay area today, we'll notice some changes with the sea breeze kicking in a little bit earlier. so we'll begin to cool things down near the coastline and inside the bay. still staying hot inland and sunshine for everybody. then aing about-time cooling trend over the weekend with more clouds on the way and maybe even a couple of
6:20 am
raindrops the latter part of the weekend. high pressure weakening slowly here. you have this low that's eventually going to drop back toward the coastline and over the bay area. so it looks like today some milder weather in the afternoon. especially near the coastline and inside the bay. and then some much cooler temperatures in the latter half of the weekend. if you plan to head around the state it's going to be hot in the central valley. 93 in sacramento. 94 fresno. 92 redding today. about 69 degrees in lake tahoe but mostly sunny. around the bay we'll find temperatures soaring again into the 80s into san jose. 90s toward morgan hill. about 68 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures again on the hot side. up in the 90s in many spots there. but inside the bay you will notice that sea breeze kicking in throughout golden gate. cooling you off, tricky temperature in san francisco but we are going for 75 degrees. about 67 in daly city. how about this? cinco de mayo celebration should be beautiful this weekend. mostly sunny, but cooler outside. and yeah, looks like we have some changes coming our way. more clouds on the way and it looks like even a slight chance of sprinkles or light showers on sunday, monday and possibly
6:21 am
tuesday. could you do that dance again? >> no. >> as soon as i said cinco de mayo, you were just whooping it up here. [ laughter ] >> thanks, lawrence. >> if they only knew, lawrence. 6:21. we could find out today if the bay area will host super bowl l. the big decision that could clinch it. >> yes. plus, the surprise moment in the warriors game last night. how david lee's return to the court looked like history repeating itself. more on that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and it felt like a close ga against denver. sports editor ryan leong with first round of the play- offs ends with a win for the warriors. >> felt like a close game against denver. sports editor ryan leone from san francisco joins us. >> they had that nice surprise with david lee.
6:25 am
no one expected him to come back and he does ala willis reed in the nba finals. >> it was great. mark jackson obviously knows his nba history and it was a great time for the knicks. the first time they won an nba title. david lee only played 1:27 but he turned it around. he got the fans into it. >> do you think that was a strategic move on their part? >> absolutely. a mean, mark jackson knew it. he absolutely wanted to get him into the right time of the game. >> what gamesmanship. there was so much said after game five with, you know, tripping up steph and, you know, all the tough play that they were putting on him. so he said i got a little something in my back pocket and throws this at them. >> it was a great matchup for the warriors. losing david lee for most of the series helped the warriors because they had a faster line- up, they were able to outcoach, outmatch, outwit dinver. >> did it surprise you beat the nuggets? >> yes. i thought the nuggets would put up a little more fight. but they lost their best player so they couldn't match the
6:26 am
loss. >> game five was a physical game. what about game six? >> it wasn't nearly as physical. i think coach jackson made the comments about how they were putting out hitmen on steph curry and trying to intentionally injure him. he got fined by the league $25,000 but i think he made his point and he was able to influence the referees. >> now san antonio. here's a team that they haven't beaten since 1977. 29 straight losses. can they win one there? >> they will have to. i don't predict that happening. i hate to say it the warriors will lose this series in five games because they can't win in san antonio. >> you don't think so? san antonio is a tough team to beat. >> it is. they have a very veteran swat led by tim duncan,. >> you don't think the fans can push them over? >> it's possible but they need to win the game in san antonio. >> history says no but these fans are crazy. what a night last night.
6:27 am
>> they are great fans. >> brian leong from thanks for getting up. you were at the game last night. appreciate it. how the bay area could clinch "super bowl l" as early as today. >> plus, fast-moving wildfires continue to burn in southern california. what crews are doing to control the flames this morning. >> and an attack plan. what were the boston bombing suspects planning for boston's 4th of july celebration? when we come back.
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just getting very close, the fire. >> out of control. this huge wildfire in southern california is exploding. >> we're just hoping everything
6:31 am
will be okay. >> called the springs fire and it is not letting up. >> the woman accused of putting poisoned orange juice at starbucks is free. >> there was not enough evidence. so the d.a. had no choice but to follow the law. the warriors are going to the second round. the warriors beat the nuggets to win the series in game 6. >> this is the greatest group of men as far as a team that i have ever been around. >> we have had the right mentality all year long. >> we have always believed in ourselves. >> from across the bay -- ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ >> to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado good morning. it's friday, may 3. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31. there is still no word on any casualties right now in the
6:32 am
crash of a u.s. military plane in kyrgyzstan. that country's emergency ministry says the refueling tanker crashed in an uninhabited area and broke into three pieces. the u.s. has a military base in kyrgyzstan and it's used for military members flying into and out of afghanistan. >> now to some breaking news we're following down in southern california. two massive wildfires are growing this morning. you can see all the smoke down there. this is the largest of the two fires in ventura counted. these are the latest numbers. at least 10,000 acres have been burned, 25 homes damaged. more than 2,000 homes and structures are threatened at this point. flames have reached the pacific coast highway which was shut down twice yesterday. the fire is only 10% contained. both fires are burning about 50 miles from los angeles. the overnight hours brought little relief for firefighters battling the springs fire.
6:33 am
nearly 5,000 students at cal state channel islands were evacuated as the santa ana winds blew the flames southwest. firefighters set backfires hoping the controlled burn would clear out brush and save some homes. >> we have a highway as a good natural fire break and obviously pacific ocean. so right now we want people to recognize that there are evacuation orders. >> the fire in riverside county burned 3,000 acres, destroyed a home, 65% contained. a lot of bay area city broke some records yesterday and we need relief. >> it's coming. but boy what a nice day yesterday. i took my little girl out to the beach. it was just fantastic. now today we'll notice those changes out toward the coastline and the beach. we'll start to cool things down. it's still going to stay hot in some of the valleys. looking good from the mount vaca cam, it's not shaking in the wind, either. so fairly calm conditions
6:34 am
outside right now. out over the bay, a beautiful sunrise. and you have all the color in the atmosphere from the smoke from the fires. but it makes for a beautiful sunrise and sunset. temperatures right now kind of all over the map. we have seen some 40s if he coastline, also mid-40s in toward the santa rosa area, but 56 in san jose and 55 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we'll start to cool down the temperatures a little bit in spots. so some heat relief at the coastline and inside the bay. yesterday, of course, we had the records in the 80s and 90s. today we'll cool by one degree in livermore at 92. but down a good 13 degrees in san francisco at 75. we'll have more on your weekend forecast coming up in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. out towards the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have been on now for about a half hour. but our delays are not as busy as we usually see at this time of the morning. so this is how we know it's a friday. yeah, it's only backed up toward the end of the parking lot toward the first overcrossing you see in the distance, five, 10 minutes to get on the bay bridge.
6:35 am
out to our maps and westbound 580. kcbs flew over the scene saying traffic is lighter than normal from tracy through the livermore valley. antioch 4 still backed up. no accidents, just your usual commuter traffic getting out of antioch towards the pittsburg- bay point area. outside here's a live look at our milpitas commute, westbound 237, so far moving at the limit all the way towards sunnyvale and we just checked in with our friends over at bart and so far all trains running on time. that's your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. all night long san jose firefighters have been watching over what's left of a recycling facility on east alma avenue. they are keeping bales of newspaper and cardboard from flaring up there. the plant caught fire around 6:00 last night and took nearly 4 hours to get it out. no word on the cause and no injuries in the fire. boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has reportedly told investigators he and his brother originally planned the attack for the 4th
6:36 am
of july. a law enforcement official told cbs news tsarnaev said the date of the plan was moved up when the brothers finished building the bombs sooner than expected. meanwhile coroners released tamerlin tsarnaev's body to his family yesterday. police and search dogs are looking for a missing teenager from danville. the 15-year-old girl is considered at risk. she was last seen by her family as she left her home at 6:00 last night. she is about 5'5", weighs 130 pounds. she has reddish brown hair and brown eyes, last seen in jeans and of the shirt. 6:36 now. a woman accused of planting tainted bottles of juice at a south san jose starbucks is out of jail. prosecutors say ramineh behbehanian could still be charged though. a fire department test determined the juice contained rubbing alcohol, which could lead to an attempted murder charge. but the d.a.'s office says
6:37 am
formal tests are not yet complete. so for now, there's just not enough evidence to legally detain that suspect any longer. >> that's just horrible. i mean, it scares the crap out of me because what if she comes in here again and does it again? >> behbehanian was arrested monday night. she was tracked down by a license plate number written down by a worker at the snell avenue starbucks. the future of santa clara 49ers stadium is getting a boost in bid to host the "super bowl l." the nfl told miami, florida it needs to renovate the aging stadium if it wants a shot at hosting the game but time is not on south florida's side. a decision is expected to be made may 21. >> i think it's coming. golden state warriors are moving to round 2 of the nba play-offs.
6:38 am
>> off they go. the first half belonged to the nuggets but steph curry picks up after the break. he had 14 of the 3rd quarter. the warriors built an 18 point lead before the nuggets rallied. golden state won 92-88 and take the series in six games. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at oracle arena over in oakland where fans had quite a night. >> reporter: i'm sure they will have quite a morning, too. this is the first time in 6 years that the warriors are headed to round 2. overall, the second time in 22 years. so fans today are beside themselves. [ yelling ] >> reporter: you can see the celebration from last night. warriors fans incredibly proud of the dedication their team showed last night. it was a sold-out crowd here at oracle arena as the gold confetti filled the air.
6:39 am
fans are now saying, bring on the second round. >> we're talking warriors, we're talking spurs, come on, come on, san antonio! come on! we're ready, we're ready! >> reporter: only eight nba teams have come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a best-of-seven post-season series. warriors coach mark jackson says this isn't getting to his team's head. >> that's a special group. and i look away when i read comments by my guys. never disrespectful, never pointing the finger at themselves, never, you know, arrogant or cocky, always saying the right things. this is the greatest group of men as far as a team that i have ever been around or ever seen in my life. >> reporter: the nba did fine jackson $25,000 for comments he made after game 5 claiming the nuggets sent hitmen and took sheep shots at point guard steph curry. the nba says there was an attempt to influence the officiating. now, the warriors will open round 2 against the san antonio
6:40 am
spurs on monday and this is the team to beat because the spurs swept the lakers in four games in their first round. live at oracle arena, frank, back to you. >> those spurs have been sitting for a good week now. they are well rested. and apparently, the warriors have had not -- have not had a lot of luck against this team, right, cate? >> reporter: that's right, frank. unfortunately, the warriors haven't won in san antonio since the 1997. the warriors have had 29 straight losses against the spurs. so hopefully we can turn it around by next week. >> all those -- they did beat the team in february. so we'll keep our fingers crossed. thank you, cate, live at oracle arena. while the warriors fans were cheering on the team, the team was cheering on aaron hern. aaron is the sixth grader from martinez who was wounded in the boston bombings. he spent more than a week in a boston hospital. there he is. he is at the game. he and his family returned home earlier this week and aaron and his family front and center at the game last night.
6:41 am
you know what? he may have been their good luck charm. >> i think he was. . from coast guard cuts to air traffic delays, where will we feel the sting of the sequester next? our insiders sound off on the politics of spending plans. >> from flying by the sun and the stars, history is made at moffett just about a half hour ago. this unique aircraft. we'll tell you all about it. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers this morning. so far looking pretty good. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,
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response to the u-s adding . s now at a this just in. the s&p 500 index just crossed
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the 1600 mark in response to the united states' adding some more jobs. and the jobless rate is now at a four-year low. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. good morning, frank. not only the s&p reaching into record territory like that. the dow approaching 15,000 for the first time. that april jobs report doing wonders for the stock market this morning. not only better-than-expected gain of 165,000 in april, but february and march were revised higher by a combined 114,000 jobs. the february gain of 332,000 was the biggest sense november of 2005. the unemployment rate down to 7.5%. that is the lowest since december of 2008. certainly good to see the job market continuing along at least on that path despite the federal sequester, which has had some impact on the economy. besides the stock market doing well, from that we had a lot of positive earnings news yesterday. one company that did not pleas
6:46 am
was linked n despite turning into a solid quarter, linkedin profit was up to $325 million. but the company provided weaker-than-expected guidance. and that is hitting shares this morning. but linkedin shares are up 75% since the beginning of the year. so not a huge surprise there would be some selling. let's check the numbers. they look good to close out the week. right now the dow up 156 points. only 13 shy of 15,000. nasdaq up 40. s&p up 18 at 1615. first time over 1500. linkedin down 8.5%. yelp down 1% but yesterday they rose 27% after its earnings report. frank and michelle, back to you. >> once again, i wish i had tomorrow's paper today. >> reporter: wouldn't that be handy? >> it would be. >> all right. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks, thank you. have a great weekend. >> reporter: you, too. let's check the weather. >> got a chance to get to the
6:47 am
beach with my little girl yesterday. what a nice day. more of a westerly wind kicking in toward the beaches. so a sea breeze kicking in. hot inland for today but that sea breeze will strenthen toward the afternoon. then a cooling trend big time over the weekend with more clouds even a chance of a few sprinkles. for today, high pressure slowly weakening. see this low up to the north doesn't look like much. not much moisture associated with it but it will drag down in the bay area so it will change things for the weekend to bring with it some cooler air and clouds and a chance of a couple of light showers. milder afternoon near the coastline and by the bay, hot in the valleys. flying out of sfo a clear start with no weather delays reported there. across the country though we have a couple of spots into chicago. possibility of some thunderstorms, 68 degrees, sunny in new york and 70 in houston for today. around the bay today you will see sunshine all day long as high as 88 in san jose, 90 in
6:48 am
morgan hill. 60s into pacifica, much cooler there. 90s in the interior valleys. inside the bay sea breeze in the afternoon, 57 in san francisco. how about in the ballpark tonight, heading to the dodgers and giants game? mostly clear, about 65 degrees. next couple of days those temperatures cooling off, back to average and boy, a big cooldown toward monday and tuesday with a slight chance of sprinkles. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. we finally have a couple of new incidents coming in. if you are traveling down the eastshore freeway, we are beginning to see some delays now through berkeley. it's because of an accident westbound 80 approaching university. there was actually a concrete chunk in lanes so they cleared that but a couple of cars hit it and got flat tires. so again, we are beginning to see some brake lights westbound. also, coming into san jose, northbound 85 approaching almaden expressway, we have an accident just reported. no injuries, but it is involving a caltrans truck. and it is in the center divide. let's go outside, show you a live look in the east bay this
6:49 am
morning. this is 880 near hegenberger, where everything is so far still moving it the limit. same thing on westbound 580. we are starting to bunch up a little bit approaching the dublin interchange. but if we quickly go to our maps, westbound 580 coming out of the altamont pass, the drive time is actually lighter than normal still for this time of the morning. 29 minutes coming up over the altamont pass through the livermore valley and we are actually seeing one continuous line of brake lights now from 205 out of tracy all the way towards 680 in pleasanton. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. feeling the pinch from sequestration now major security concerns with protecting the san francisco bay. >> kpix 5 political insider phil matier, congressman eric swalwell and former mayor willie brown join us live from caffe roma. the first question to congress swalwell, congress found the cash to put air traffic controllers back on the job. what are they doing about coast guard patrols around the area?
6:50 am
>> we need to end the sequestration. it left us more vulnerable. our bridges and tunnels are more vulnerable to attack. i have put in a request for increasing the transit security grant program so bart can protect its infrastructure as well as what we have in the bay area. >> you put that request in but the deal they are trying to push in washington is them a whole package. they want their tax increases, they want the cuts, they want the whole nine yards. that's the deal, right? it has to all be done. >> that is the problem with across-the-board cuts. when you make 10% across the board cuts, you don't cut some of the programs that need more than 10%. and then many of the programs that shouldn't be cut at all end up getting cut too much. so we have a lot of foolish spending but i think we can cut foolish spending without just foolishly cutting spending. let's go after agricultural subsidies. let's reduce our defense spending. >> with all due respect, eric, how can a freshman congressman think he can have any of that on any aspect of this? >> it takes a snowball to start an avalanche.
6:51 am
what i have been doing back there is working across the aisle. we formed a group called the united solution caucus, 30 members of the freshman class. we meet once a week evenly divided between democrats and republicans. >> sounds like the blue dogs. >> no, we have far left, far right and all we want to do is solve problems. >> republicans and democrats. >> republicans and democrats. >> where do you meet, in a bunk remember? >> we meet in a conference room. it gets heated at times. i think the fact that we're sitting down -- >> what's the leadership think of you getting together on the side? >> they are encouraging it. we heard at the doors we knocked on voters want us to come together. >> which one of those guys in the group is a spy for leadership? [ laughter ] >> if you don't know who the sucker in the room is, it might be you, right? [ laughter ] >> exactly. now, i have to ask you something. you're here this morning bright and early. we got to give him props for that. how often do you fly home from washington? >> every weekend? >> that comes with the job? every weekend you have to fly across the country? >> you can come home as often
6:52 am
as you like. i think it's a sacrifice to represent california and work in d.c. i knew what i was coming in. i'm on the committee of science and technology and homeland security. so i get to play a little offense on science and defense on homeland security. >> what can we get out of him? >> at this moment? >> yeah. >> answers to questions that a freshman -- [overlapping speakers] >> the optimism, i am impressed. >> you're talking offense and defense. [overlapping speakers] >> offense and defense. >> "super bowl l." it looks like we have a very good chance because things aren't so rosie in miami. >> the stadium is not good enough down in miami. what do you think about that? we get it in the bay area or what? >> we need to keep the warriors in the bay area. that's my goal. >> you're going for the warriors. he is not even talking super bowl. "super bowl l." >> it was a late night. >> we are still struggling to get it. i think the miami stadium does
6:53 am
look like public housing. >> we're talking 2016. , yeah, bring it to santa clara, yes. >> you're for the super bowl coming to the bay area because that's everybody. you're against the warriors coming to san francisco -- >> he said i want to keep the warriors in the bay area. >> no, he said he wants to keep the warriors in oakland. >> they. >> i want to keep them in the bay area. i think we saw kind of a failure of effort to keep the warriors in oakland. and we could have done a better job as leaders in the east bay and in the business community of keeping them there. >> so now that we are -- where do you want them to go? >> we could lose the raiders. >> we have to nail him down. my mistake. back to you guys. >> you got to come back and visit with us. >> three more coffees, another round coming. >> very good. phil and willie and congressman swalwell. time now 6:53. coming up, history at moffett field. >> reporter: yes. aviation history was made here within the last hour. a new era for green technology too. show you coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. cross-country trip. k-p-i-x five's anne makovecs a solar-powered airplane just left the silicon valley for the first time on its first cross-country trip. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec was at moffett field to witness the departure live and in person. how was it? >> reporter: it was pretty exciting. very early liftoff here this morning. this plane took off just after 6 a.m. it is called solar impulse. and it gets all of its energy from 12,000 solar cells on those long wings. it is now on its way to phoenix, a 19-hour flight. it's only going an average of 35 miles an hour. and this is the first leg of a cross-country journey set to end in new york sometime in july. now, this all solar-powered plane was born in switzerland but they decided to do the
6:58 am
flight here in the u.s. because it's the birthplace of aviation and hub of green technology. >> these new technologies, at the same time are environmentally friendly, at the same time create jobs, make profits, sustain growth for the industry, so it's a win-win and we hope the political world will also globally understand that if we want to have a good future, we need this clean technology. >> reporter: solar cells gather all of the power during the day to make a 881-pound lithium battery work all night. there are two pilots that are alternating running this thing. the other one is traveling alongside in a helicopter. and as far as financing here, all the money was gathered through international donors and sponsorships. live at moffett field, anne makovec, kpix 5. let's talk weather. >> weather around the bay area not as hot today. looks like we'll start to cool
6:59 am
along the coastline a little bit, 60s there. 70s in san francisco. still some hot 90s showing up in the valleys. the weekend much cooler temperatures even a few more clouds moving in especially on sunday. a slight chance of some sprinkles. liz. we got some slowdowns now northbound 85 approaching almaden expressway. that accident now is causing some delays. it was involving a caltrans truck. a quick note at the bay bridge completely cleared out. there's barely a delay at all now getting into san francisco. >> we want to take a little time right now to say good luck and good-bye to our executive producer angie sheets. she is going to sacramento to bigger and better things. >> she has been here for 10 years working the show. she has seen a lot of people over the years. she has done a great job. we wish you the best, angie. they are about to feed you downstairs. >> all right. we are going to leave you this morning with the warriors fans celebrating their win as they go on to the second round of the play-offs. [ applause and cheers ] captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
snen snend. good morning to viewers in the west. friday, may 3, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." thing goes from bad to worse on the fire lines in california. >> the boston bombing was planned for independence day. former fbi insider john miller has new details on what dzhokhar tsavraev is telling investigators. what is making people in china have a good laugh? would you believe's the whe house correspondent's dinner. >> but we begin with this morning's eye open her, your world in 90 seconds. >> we just pray everything will be okay. >> wildfires explode in southern california. >> crews


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